Designer Cakes Palace
Designer Cakes is a home based specialty cake bakery with three main areas:

Bridal:  The Brides may design their own wedding cakes using shaped cake dummies.  Then,
each Bride can look at different floral toppings and borders.  Next, the Bride will have a chance
to taste test  the cake she ultimately chooses.

Colors: Just bring in a sample color for a near perfect cake color match
Flavors: Almond, Lemon, Vanilla, Butter, Butterscotch, Rum and Vanilla Butternut
Fillings: Apple, cream cheese, strawberry, pineapple, and lemon
Designs: various type basket weaves, lace and mold borders, ribbon, etc.
Icing: Butter cream, royal  and special tasting fondant


Grooms, don't fret!  We have spectacular ideas for your personalized cake!

Specialty, Birthday and  Character Cakes:  
The bakery will prepare creative character cakes,
including 3-D cakes of various shapes, to blend with party themes, such as Blues Clues,
Spider-man or Cinderella.

*Cakes can actually be made in 3D (three dimensional) characters and figures:

 1. Animals: dog, fish, duck, bear, bird, etc.
        2. Sports: basketball, football, soccer, etc.
        3. Miscellaneous: Barbie Doll, stars

*Want something different but not so complicated as the 3D cakes. Cakes can be made  
 with themes in mind. Just bring in your invitation, party plate or party image and we will
 design  a cake to match and dazzle.

Old Fashion Type Cakes:
These cakes are made with real butter, fresh diary products and
100% flour, giving the great taste you have been missing.  Ask about our German Chocolate
Cakes, Pineapple Pound, Cream Cheese Pound, Sour Cream Pound, Banana Pecan Pound,
and Red Velvet Pound.   

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